Are you short on time, energy or enthusiasm (or all three) for updating your blog? Are your blog posts actually giving you the desired results or do you feel like you're just posting content without really knowing why? If you've lost your way or you need some help, I can get you on the right path.

My content writing services give you several options to get content in a way that works for you.

A blog needs to be part of your content marketing strategy. It improves SEO for your site, informs and entertains your visitors and customers, gives your brand more personality, and creates conversations.

Setting up a blog is the easy part. Keeping it updated is the real challenge. It's something I struggle with myself! If you want to impress your readers - and Google - you need to get your blog content flowing. But you don't have time. You're not a very good writer. What to do?

Creative Blog Writing Services

Oh, hi there. It's me. I'll write your blog posts for you, and I'll even do lots of research and make them all full of SEO goodness. Your visitors will be rolling in, in no time at all.

For standalone content orders, prices start at £120 for single blog posts (of around 500-600 words), with possible discounts for bulk orders. Get in touch for an accurate quote, or take a look at my rates page to find out more.

Want to save money? Take a look at my monthly post packages or get enough posts for 6-12 months at once with my services below.

Monthly Blog Packages

Get one or more blogs on retainer every month and save money.

Choose between two packages or create your own.

Bulk Up Your Blog

Is your blog looking a little sad and empty? Maybe you have a backlog of briefs, ideas, or case studies you need to get written up?

Get 6 posts for £750 or 12 posts for £1400 with this speedy service (enough to keep your blog updated for 6-12 months). I'll have your content ready for you within a week—just book the week you want.

Content Writing By the Day

When you have various bits of content you need to get done, you can book my time by the day. My day rate is £250, which gets you around 8 hours of content writing from me.

Don't see what you need? Just get in touch for a custom quote - whether you want a single post, a bulk order, or to create your own monthly package. You can have longer posts or shorter posts, or take a look at my blog management page if you're looking for further services.

Receive your content in 5 easy steps:

  1. Get in touch to tell me what you're looking for
  2. We'll iron out the details
  3. Sit back while your content is written
  4. Your content lands in your email inbox
  5. Request any edits if required

Depending on the size of your order, I may ask for a deposit/partial payment up front.

Not yet ready to order? Take a look at my portfolio or ask to see more of my work. You can get in touch to ask any questions or to arrange a chat about what you're looking for.

How does it work?

Every blog post is uniquely researched and written. Just provide me with the keywords you want to target and titles or topics for your posts and I will expertly weave them in for naturally written SEO content.

I'll also check out your brand and your competitors, as well as any previous blog content you have published, to start from an informed position for better results. I can carry out keyword research and come up with topics for your approval too, as well as researching each topic thoroughly.

Each post includes:

  • Well-researched SEO content, written in your brand tone of voice with your keywords

  • Subheadings and formatting for readability

  • Meta title and description (if requested)

  • Editing to ensure perfection


Contact me to get started or find out more.