What a difference a day makes, just 24 little hours. Well, more like 8 hours. I have to eat, sleep, and stare into the distance while I contemplate life.

A lot can get done in a day, whether it's an actual day or just a working day. Sometimes you have bits and pieces of content that you need help with, and buying a day of my time could be the best way to get it done. Or if your bits and pieces are more like overwhelmingly long lists, maybe make that several days.

My day rate is £250. In this time, I could write you a couple of solid blog posts (around 3-4 shorter posts, or 1 or 2 longer posts), a new page for your website, some materials to give your clients, a handful of marketing emails, or anything else you might have waiting to be done.

To find out more, contact me and let me know what you're looking for.

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