3 Types of Blog Posts for Wedding Vendors to Share

Dark blue text on a salmon pink backgound. Text reads: 3 types of blog posts for wedding vendors. 1, real weddings/case studies. 2, share your expert knowledge. 3, wedding inspo and trends.

Wedding vendors! Photographers, planners, caterers, fancy car hirers—what do you share on your blog? Nothing? Stuck for ideas, maybe? No worries; it really can be quite simple. Sticking to a few different types of blog posts can help you find inspiration and give your target audience what they want to read.

So, let's just get right to it. Here are my top three types of posts to share if you're a wedding vendor of any kind.

  1. Real Weddings/Case Studies

If this one didn't already seem obvious to you, it's hopefully just switched on a light bulb. Sharing the weddings you've worked on just makes sense. Show potential clients what you can do by telling (and showing) them all about your latest gigs. These types of blog posts are perfect for any type of wedding vendor, but they can be especially good for showing off visuals.

Share your photos along with a write-up of the wedding that gives more context to your contribution to the special day. This isn't only for wedding photographers, although they do have the advantage in that they're already taking photos. If you're another type of vendor, you might not be taking photos at the wedding. But you can get some before or after, e.g. when you've set up a marquee, decked out a car, arranged the flowers, or finished the cake.

So what exactly should you write? You might talk about the couple themselves and how you got to know them or, if you were there, about the wedding itself. Of course, you can write about what exactly you did and how you met the couple's needs. Maybe you experienced some challenges that you had to find solutions for. Make your posts your own and relate to the experience. What did you like about it? What was your experience of being part of the event?

  1. Expert Knowledge

It's pretty likely you know more about weddings than your clients. They're probably on their first one, maybe their second, while you've got a few more under your belt. In fact, you know specifically about a certain part of weddings, whether it's planning, photography, catering, flowers, venue hire, or anything else. Your blog gives you somewhere to share this expert knowledge with clients and potential clients.

Here are some ways to show off your knowledge:

  • Your process: how does it all work? What steps do you and your clients take, from the moment they contact you to their wedding day and beyond?
  • Guidance: help them make the right decisions about their wedding. There's so much decision-making, and they'll appreciate the assistance with ironing out what they want. This could be something along the lines of "how to decide on a photography style" or "choosing the right wedding planner".
  • Wedding day tips: what can they do on the day to make the most of your services? How can they get the best photos, ensure their flowers are set up on time, guarantee all their guests are catered for?
  • Recommended vendors: a good chance for cross-promotion and teaming up with other vendors. Who have you worked with before? Who can you personally recommend?
  1. Wedding Inspiration and Trends

Like anything else, weddings are influenced by the latest trends. If people are already doing it, it's going to inspire others. That's how we ended up with all-grey home interiors. Your clients aren't just letting themselves be passively influenced by trends, either. They're actively seeking them out to find ideas. So posting about trends can be really valuable for your clients, and it's not bad for SEO either. Find out what the latest search terms related to weddings are and put them to use in your blog posts.

Not everyone wants to follow the crowd, though. Some of your clients will be looking for ways to do things differently. Wedding inspiration blog posts could also be a chance to show your creativity and suggest some ways to buck the trends. Maybe you even specialise in working with more "alternative" couples and meeting unusual requests.

Your wedding inspiration posts could be fairly general, but tailoring them to your niche is even better. What are the latest photography trends, cake trends, flower trends, etc.? Grab the chance to show off your knowledge and your passion for what you do. This helps you stay up to date too, so you can meet your customers' demands.

Need Help with Your Blog Posts?

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