There's more to running a blog than having posts to upload. The text is only the first step. You need to add links, images, SEO information like meta data, and format it so it all looks fancy. That's before you even start thinking about sharing your content. So much effort.

My blog management and editorial services allow you to be almost completely hands-off with your blog.

I can do everything, from choosing topics and writing blog posts to creating the layout and inserting images and other supporting content. All I need is access to your blog platform or content management system (don't worry, you can keep it secure - nothing nefarious, I promise). I can even write social media posts to make sharing your blog posts easier.

Here's what I can do for you:

  • Research and choose blog post topics, from the latest industry news to helpful tutorials

  • Write creative, SEO blog content of any length for as many blog posts as you need each week/month

  • Format your blog posts and add links, images or other visual content, such as infographics or videos

  • Input meta titles, descriptions and tags/keywords for each post

  • Organise posts into categories and add relevant tags​

  • Schedule posts to publish in advance so that they go live at the perfect time

  • Write (and publish, if requested) social media posts to share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and more

  • Stay in touch with you to optimise your blog and respond to your requests

To find out more or request a quote, fill out the form below or contact me directly at laura@laura-ellis.com

Ready to get your blog in order?

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