Travel Blog Post Ideas for Your Business

A diverse range of businesses might count themselves as being travel businesses or connected to the travel industry, from hotels and tour providers to travel agents and transport companies. If you provide products or services for travellers, you might see your business as among them.
Travel is the ideal subject for content marketing. People who are planning their annual holiday, looking for a spontaneous adventure or hoping to spend the next few years travelling all do their research. They want to discover the best experiences, and the best products and services to help them have the best time.
If you want to publish blog content that will appeal to travellers, there’s a lot you can write about. Try some of these travel blog post ideas, with some examples of topics to get you going.
Note: The example blog post ideas are fairly generic – you can be much more exciting! There might be some cross over between these categories too.

Travel Inspiration

We’ve all been there. You feel like getting away, but you’re not sure where to go. You might even have an activity in mind and you want to know the best places to do it. Content with travel inspiration can help your blog readers to discover new places to visit. You might recommend places all around the world, or focus on a specific area. This will probably depend on your business. If you run a travel agency, you can recommend all of the locations in which you operate. If you own a bed and breakfast, you’ll want to write about places close to you.
Your travel inspiration blog posts could be roundups of a number of destinations, maybe focusing on a particular activity, time of year, or type of holiday. For example, you could write about the best:
  • Family holiday destinations
  • Winter sun locations
  • Places to go hiking
  • Countries to travel by train
  • Locations for a destination wedding
Alternatively, you can focus on a particular destination. You could write about all of the best reasons to visit the Loire Valley, or how to see Hanoi like a local. Narrow down your inspiration posts as much as you like. Look at the whole world or publish a post about a country, region or town.
Example Blog Topics
  • The best beach locations for a family holiday
  • Why New Zealand should be your next travel destination
  • Legendary train journeys across Europe

Destination Guides

While some people like to be surprised, many travellers want to read about a destination before they go. Where are the best places to eat? Which are the best cycling trails? How easy is it to use public transport? What are the must-see and must-do things?
Provide valuable information for your readers by getting into the nitty-gritty of your chosen destination. This obviously works best for a specific place – the smaller the region, the more in-depth you can go. If you write a guide to Europe, you won’t be able to get very detailed, unless you write a very, very long post.
You can go beyond writing a single post for each location. So if you’re a bed and breakfast owner, you can write a post about things to do nearby, day trips to take, the best restaurants, the best pubs and bars, how to get around – the sort of things you might include in a folder of information for your guests.
Example Blog Topics
  • Everything you need to know about visiting Florence
  • The very best brunch spots in Seattle
  • Amazing day trips to take from Bangkok

Activity Ideas

Blog content focused on things to do can help you to promote a specific destination or a particular activity. You can publish posts about things to do in locations that are relevant to your brand or would just be interesting for your audience. Your content might be very focused on one activity or a group of activities. I have a (very slow-growing) blog about different paddling activities, with holiday inspiration for anyone who wants to try out something new or indulge an existing passion.
Or you might recommend activities for a particular location if you have a business like a hotel or you’re an activity provider yourself. This can include events and seasonal content, from festivals to Christmas markets.
Example Blog Topics
  • Why you should go wild swimming in the Lake District
  • The top places to do your first bungee jump
  • How to make the most of the Rio Carnival

General Travel Tips

People are always looking for travel advice, particularly if they’re not seasoned travellers. They have lots of questions that they want answers to, from how to pack everything into one suitcase to how to get the best deals on flights. These sorts of posts can help people who are planning their trip and perhaps haven’t booked everything yet, or haven’t finished getting everything sorted.
Some travel advice topics you could cover include:
  • Saving money (on flights, hotels, food, travel items, etc.)
  • What to pack and how to pack
  • Key phrases to learn in local languages
  • Accommodation tips
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Trip planning and itineraries
Example Blog Topics
  • Hotel, B&B or self-catering – which is right for you?
  • The best websites for finding cheap travel deals
  • How to stay safe while travelling

Expert Advice

Are you an expert in a certain area? You might know everything there is to know about sailing, travelling by train, camping or Kiev. As well as general travel advice, people also want in-depth information about how to make the most of their travels. For example, if you help people with their camping holidays, you might post reviews of the latest camping gear, detailed and informative takes on the best places to camp, or pieces about the politics of camping and free-roaming.
If you have an expert voice to contribute, put your opinion and your recommendations out there. These types of posts might be longer and more focused than some other blog posts. They might include more jargon and be aimed at a more seasoned traveller or someone who already has experience doing an activity or visiting a particular region.
Example Blog Topics
  • 5 top camping stoves compared
  • Improve your canoe paddling technique
  • 10 things Paris locals say that visitors need to see
Hopefully, these ideas will get you thinking about the type of blog content travellers might want to see. If you want to improve your site’s SEO, think about what your audience would be searching for and where they are in their buying journey. Are they still weighing up where to go on holiday? Are they looking for tips for a specific destination or some help with planning their trip? Maybe they’re just ironing out the final details to perfect their holiday. Consider what sort of phrases they would be using to find what they need.
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