Come Up with Furtastic Pet Blog Topics

Whether you’re trying to think of pet blog topics for your veterinary practice, dog grooming business, cat hotel or snake breeding program, sometimes you just find yourself stumped. You know there are lots of things that you can write about, but you’re just not sure where to start or what to do next.
Firstly, if you want to improve SEO for your blog, you should check your keywords. But maybe you need some inspiration for your keywords because you’re not even sure which ones to target. In that case, it can be helpful to come up with some blog topics and work backwards to find your keywords.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, try some of these ideas for pet blog content. I’ve provided some broad categories and some simple blog post ideas to get you started (don’t just copy these ideas – use them to think of something that suits your business).

Pet Care Advice

This is a fairly obvious idea for writing blog posts about pets and other animals. People want to know how to take care of their pets. If you run a pet care business, you can start with your area of expertise. Dog groomers can give tips on how to keep your dog’s coat looking good until their next grooming appointment. Vets can post about important preventative treatments for things like fleas and worms, or what to do in a medical emergency.
If you’re going to offer pet care advice, write what you know. That way, you know that you’re giving reliable advice. If you decide to venture into other areas, make sure you do your research and cite your sources where possible.
Blog post examples:
  • How to choose the best food for your senior dog
  • Which small animals need to live in pairs?
  • All about routine vaccinations for cats

Local Recommendations

Many pet businesses will want to create local content so that they can improve their local SEO. A great way to do this is to recommend other local businesses or local places to take your pet, as well as events. You could team up with some other local pet businesses to promote each other so it benefits both of you, and perhaps even put some special offers together. You might recommend vets, pet shops, breeders, pet sitters and boarders, groomers or pet-friendly businesses (cafes, hotels, shops, etc.)
You can also recommend parks for dog walking, pet transport services and perhaps even pet-friendly landlords and estate agents.
Blog post examples:
  • Where to get your dog groomed in Manchester
  • The best dog walks in the Peak District
  • Local vets with quiet waiting areas for cats

Product Reviews and Recommendations

People love to know which products they should be using for their pets. Product recommendations and reviews allow you to give your personal opinion on which ones you think are best, and they’re great for bringing in readers too. It’s also another good way to team up with other businesses by promoting their products.
You can outright recommend a product; for example, if you’re a dog groomer, you might suggest your favourite brush and explain why you like it so much. Or you could review a product, pointing out its pros and cons and giving a verdict. For longer posts, consider comparing a number of products in the same category and then choosing your favourite from the lot.
Blog post examples:
  • The best harnesses for puppies
  • Why I love this grooming brush for long-haired cats
  • I tried the latest pet carrier, and this is what I thought

Diary Entries

Giving people a glimpse into everyday life for your business is a fantastic way to draw in more customers and reassure your existing ones. Blog posts written in a diary entry style allow you to showcase what you’re doing, and you can use different media to convey your message. Include photos and videos to give a full picture of what’s going on.
Talk about what you’ve been up to lately, whether it’s been business as usual or you’ve been doing something special. Use videos and photos to enhance what you’re saying. You could record some short clips of an agility session with one of your dog clients, or a chat with a member of staff about their day. Show everyone your grooming process or update them on the progress of your new litter of kittens. You could also use these types of posts as client testimonials. Let one of your clients (the human ones) write a post about their experience with you.
Blog post examples:
  • Here’s how we keep a dog calm during their groom
  • Client testimonial: Sue and Fido’s experience at puppy training classes
  • A day in the life of a small animal vet

DIY Pet Posts

Pet owners also appreciate tips to keep their pets happy at home without spending a lot on expensive products. If you can give advice on making DIY dog treats or how to build your own cat tree, your readers will want to hear about it. You can help them save money and suggest fun things for them to do that can keep their pets happy and healthy.
Blog post examples:
  • 5 recipes to keep your dog cool in the summer
  • Fun cat toys that you can make from recycled materials
  • How to make a rabbit hutch from old furniture
You might focus your pet blog on one subject or vary the things you post to keep it exciting. Whatever you choose to do, keep your audience and SEO in mind when choosing topics and writing your posts.

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