If you need help with your website copy or blog posts, I can help:

  • Wedding planners

  • Wedding photographers

  • Wedding venues

  • Wedding caterers and bakers

  • Bridal boutiques and shops

  • Makeup artists and hair stylists

  • Celebrants and registrars

  • Florists and wedding decorators

  • Wedding car hire services

  • Wedding bands, DJs and entertainers

  • Anyone else in the wedding industry!

Almost 300,000 people get married in the UK each year - and you're one of the people who helps them do it.

Whether you're a florist, a photographer, a celebrant, a caterer or a venue provider, convincing engaged couples that they should choose you for their wedding can be tough. It's one of the most special days of their lives and they want it to be perfect, so they're not going to settle for just anyone when it's time to choose their wedding vendors and service providers.

There are well over 2,000 searches for wedding photographers in Manchester each month, compared to around 500 searches for wedding fairs. So, although you can benefit from marketing your services in person, you also need to be promoting your business online. Having a good website and search engine optimisation (SEO) are key elements if you want to be visible, and the copy and blog content on your website play a big role in both of these.

Hiring a wedding copywriter or blog writer helps you reach happy couples online

I can help wedding vendors of all types to increase their visibility online. Whether you need new copy for your site or you need some help with your blog posts, I will help you improve SEO for your site and provide valuable content for your visitors. Local SEO is especially important for wedding vendors, and I can help by writing natural blog content that doesn't have your local keywords shoehorned into the text.

Looking for copy that rings all your wedding bells?

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