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  • Rewriting your website to bring it up to date, rebrand or just refresh

  • New pages written in-line with your brand

  • Product descriptions and other short-form copy

  • Any other web copy or content

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'You need this pencil right now. Don't miss your chance!'

'Our skillfully crafted, quality pencils could transform your artwork. Why not give them a go?'

Which one of these is going to sell your product? There's no concrete answer (and not just because you don't sell pencils). Producing copy that sells takes a lot of work, with a plethora of factors to take into account. Who is your audience? What do they want and what to do they like? What do you want your brand to say? Just one word could make a world of difference.

Your website needs to appeal to both search engines and people, captivating your target market and helping you turn leads into sales. Your aim is to take your visitors on a journey, leading them to the prize at the middle of a maze, while they try their best to wander off in the wrong direction.

I'm a creative copywriter, offering writing and rewriting services for your website to help you make it one of the best marketing tools you have.

Website Copy Packages

Are you looking for new website copy, but you want an easy way to know how much it will cost? Take a look at my website copy packages, which give you three options to choose from. Mention the package in your enquiry if any of them take your fancy. If these aren't right for you, just get in touch to discuss your project and get an individual quote.


Free Trial






One Page Wonder 


Up to 750 words

Ideal for a one-page scrolling site

Discovery questionnaire and optional 30-minute consultation

Industry and competitor research

Keyword research

SEO optimised

One round of editing

Three Page Starter


Three pages up to 500 words each

Great to kick-start a simple website

Discovery questionnaire and optional 30-minute consultation

Industry and competitor research

Keyword research

SEO optimised

Two rounds of editing

Five Page Well-Rounder


Five pages up to 500 words each

Beef up your copy and offer more information

Discovery questionnaire and two optional 30-minute consultations

Industry and competitor research

Keyword research

SEO optimised

Three rounds of editing

*Optional consultation? What? What this means is that if you want to get on the phone and chat for half an hour, that can be the fastest way to work out a plan of action. However, if you prefer to stick to email, we can do that too. As a compromise, you might like to chat using Google Hangouts or something similar. Let me know if you have any particular communication requirements or difficulties.

Looking for creative website copy?

Get in touch about one of the packages above or for a quote on anything from a single page rewrite to a brand new multi-page site.