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I helps individuals and small businesses to achieve their goals through creative copy and content. I believe that you should be able to express your personality or that of your brand through the content you put out. Why should you sound just like anyone else? It's especially important for sole traders and anyone relying on building a personal brand to be able to put some of their personality into their website, blog and other marketing materials. I know a lot of you know how you want to present yourself or your business, but you're just not sure how to put it into words in a professional way without sounding boring. I work with you to do that, so you don't lose the essence of your brand and who you are.

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About Me

I'm a freelance content writer with over five years of experience, as well as a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. I'm based in Manchester, but I've lived in Wales (Cardiff and Aberystwyth), Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, and Switzerland, and I love working with people from all over.

I'm learning to sew my own clothes, very slowly trying to teach myself Swedish (Hej! Hur mår du?), and learning to kayak even more slowly, even though I'm sort of scared of water - or, more accurately, of drowning. I like cake and biscuits (and baking them), can't drive, enjoy walking, don't much like skiing or anything that involves going quite fast, and I drink a lot of tea.

Meet the Team

Say hello to my team - they're a little furrier than most. Their main job is to remind me to take breaks and keep up the nap quota.


Kitty - Chief Tummy Rubs Officer


Pachacuti - Head of Boxes


Nefi - Director of Bleps

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